Which is the better Korean Foot Peeling pack?

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Which is the better Korean Foot Peeling pack?

    Calmia Silky Perfect Foot Peeling pack VS Kocostar Foot Peeling Pack VS Lazy Monk Foot Peel Mask

    Foot exfoliation, a thing that is common when it comes to using scrubs. However, do you know that you can exfoliate your feet fully by using a foot peeling pack. How a foot peeling pack work is, you wear it like a glove on your feet, soak it for a few minute and rinse it off. Your skin will start to peel over the next few days to reveal baby smooth skin. However, with so many different brands and types of foot peeling pack out there, how do you know which to buy? 

    In this post, I'll be comparing 3 of the foot peeling pack that I've tried out before. 

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    Lazy Monk Foot Peel Mask - Lavender Foot Exfoliating Mask

    Firstly, I'll be touching on the Lazy Monk Foot Peel Mask. the Lazy Monk Foot Peel Mask comes with two pairs of Lavender Exfoliating mask and one pair of rose foot nourishing mask. The Lavender foot exfoliating mask includes ingredients like lavender essential oil and aloe extract to help soothe your feet. It does contains ACA Acid so be sure to not over use it for it may hurt your skin. It is only recommended to be use every 2 months maximum. 

    The application took 30 to 45 minutes before we remove the mask. Although the mask did state it was free size, people with feet size 43 and above will find the mask cramped. It is not recommended to use the mask if you have sensitive skin. 

    There doesn't seemed to be much changes on day 0. However, when it gets to day 6, the feet started to peel more. By day 16 the feet was fully peeled. You can read the full review and see the feet peeling progress photos here

    Unfortunately, this mask have been pulled out of sales. Thus, we're going to focus on the 2 other exfoliating masks in this post instead.

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    Calmia Silky Perfect Foot Peeling pack

    Next, we have the Calmia Silky Perfect Foot Peeling Pack. The Calmia Silky Perfect Foot Peeling pack is unlike any other foot peeling pack for they store the foot mask and the foot mask liquid in separate compartments. Thus, one would have to manually pour the foot mask liquid into the mask before using. Although this help keep the foot mask fresh, it is a hazard for people who are as clumsy as myself causing a mess to the relaxing situation.

    This foot peeling pack requires 60 to 90 minutes of soaking. Since it does not have the stickers to secure the mask, I would recommend socks to keep the mask in place while being able to walk around with it. After the time was up, I rinse off the excess.

    Like the previous foot mask, not much could be seen after application. However, my foot started to peel after day 4. Day 5 was when the peeling increased greatly. The peeling fully stopped at day 8.

    I like this mask a lot better despite the messiness for it is more efficient than the last one. Read the detailed review and more tips on what to do to make your peeling rate be faster when you use a foot mask here. You can also see foot peel images on IreviewUread too.

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    Kocostar Foot Peeling Pack 

    Lastly, we have another Korean Foot Peeling pack. The KocoStar Foot Peeling Pack is made of various extracts from herbal extract, fruits extract and green tea extracts. This mask have the mask liquid pre-packed and it have stickers already there so it's a clean and easy to use mask. You are to put the mask on for 90 minutes. 

    Like the previous masks, the feet does not have any differences after rinsing off the excess mask liquid after application. The feet peeled before day 6 and it stopped peeling after day 14. 

    You can check out the detailed review of Kocostar Foot Peeling pack here.

    Which is the better Korean Foot Peeling pack?

    Amongst the 3 foot peeling mask pack that I've tried, I enjoyed the Calmia Silky Perfect Foot Peeling pack the most for it is the most efficient foot peeling pack. It fully peeled in 8 days while the other foot packs took longer. They all gave the same results of baby smooth skin but it's the duration that is the difference. Although there's a mess when it comes to using it for you have to manually transfer for the foot peeling liquid to the dry foot mask, I do appreciate and understand why they separated them. 

    Do note that foot peeling packs are not recommended for people with sensitive skin for they do contain AHA that may irritate the skin.

    Read the full review of the 3 different foot peeling packs here: 

    - Calmia Silky Perfect Foot Peeling pack 

    - KocoStar Foot Peeling Pack 

    - Lazy Monk Foot Peel Mask

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