Mini Getaway : Goudini Spa Resort during COVID -19

Mini Getaway : Goudini Spa Resort during COVID -19

    South Africa
    Cape Town
    Goudini Spa

    Hi FP Friends , 

    Its been a while but to be honest I was just not in the mood to write anything , I'm just feeling bleh at the moment. 

    But I thought I would share a bit of our mini getaway my fam and I went on last week 🙃. We went to Goudini Spa just based about an hour out of Cape Town and it was just the right time just to breathe and get away a bit. 

    We are curently LEVEL 1 here in South Africa which means most places , resorts , businesses are open again , I don't really know how I feel about this but agh lets just see where this level 1 ends up.

    Nevertheless we went Camping and oh was it a fun filled 5 days of chilling and a great break from life. 

    Our nights was filled with family bonding , braai (barbeque) and swimming . The pools are heated and thats what I love about this place you will always see me swimming if we come to Goudini because I'm not a fan of cold pools. 

    I don't have much pictures of the resort (yes I was having a great time relaxing I didnt even get to take pics of what I wanted.

    Going during COVID-19 was not bad at all , everyone had to follow rules of wearing a mask , keep social distance and places were sanitized too which I think is great.

    Hope you enjoyed this post 😊. Are you going on a mini getaway in your town , city? Let me know below. 


    - Nabeelah 

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