Explore Niagara Falls - A weekend Getaway Summer 2020

Explore Niagara Falls - A weekend Getaway Summer 2020

    Niagara Falls

    Last month my husband and I and along with our daughter, went for a little weekend getaway to Niagara Falls. It’s not a far drive from Toronto, so off we went.

    The weather for the weekend was beautiful. Not too hot during the day with cool temperatures during the evening, which made going for strolls along the falls, beautiful under the starry night.

    I am a lover of Niagara Falls, I never tire of it. I never get bored of it, I have seen and been there a thousand times, but always love it. I can’t say the same for my husband, laughing to myself right now, thank you for his patience though! I love him for that…

    We stayed as per usual at my favorite hotel; Sheraton On The Falls Though I never seem to use their facilities because we are always out and about, so on this particular trip I made it a point to visit the pool and go swimming; um it was outdoors and it was freezing cold when I decided to go on a very early Sunday morning! Oh well, the view was beautiful and I have videos to prove it. Yay!

    I love this hotel because I have the best view of the Falls. It’s absolutely gorgeous and I can’t get enough of it.

    In the morning you often find me sitting by a chair just staring at it; in the late evening, I’m in the same state, it’s mesmerizing.

    When the weather permits, you need to open the windows and let the roar of the water inside your room, it just lulls you to sleep, its so beautiful like you’re somewhere else in a different country on an actual vacation.

    The hotel room is always clean and I never hear my neighbors which is always a bonus. If time permits there is a Spa on-site and its ambiance is exactly what one needs, calm and soothing with a spectacular view of what else, Niagara Falls.

    Here is an old picture I found when I was there last winter with my daughter. The view was fantastic!

    We visited Floral Showhouse and oh.my.god! The outdoor garden is so cute. Check out my YouTube video! The indoor garden is even more stunning and my daughter and I fell immediately in love. It is the spot to take amazing pictures for your Instagram, there is so much color!

    There is also a gift shop and I bought beautiful cards!

    Outside the parking lot from the Floral Showhouse you can see the Falls, we walked alongside it, and wow, this area is underutilized and we roamed around it peacefully with so much elbow room; compared to the main area of Falls. From this area, it is so much closer to the water and can obtain better videos & pictures!

    Our hotel is right in the heart of everything; Clifton Hill, where all the fun begins! Check out the link and it'll take you where ever you want it to take you and whatever you want to do.

    If you like to shop as I do, you need to head over to Outlet Collections and be aware, they took away all the lovely seating's, ugh!

    My most favorite thing to do in Niagara is antiquing. This place here is my go-to place. Have a go if you love antiquing, I'm sure it'll be you're favorite too in all seasons.

    Also, this is right beside my favorite restaurant to have brunch; The Lakehouse. I have been here many times with my husband and also brought my children and you if you do drop by, request a seat by the window, the view of the water is gorgeous and also so romantic.

    Last but not least... Niagara-on-the-lake.

    Canada's wine country, a village of restaurants, and a charming place to take unhurried steps. Stroll into boutique shops, choose from many arrays of ice-cream parlors and sit have a meal and watch horse-drawn carriages pass by as you sip a glass a wine. That's what it feels like when you're on Niagara-on-the-lake time. Don't come here if you're in a rush.

    Hope this helps you if you decide to visit Niagara Falls, its beautiful here. Any season. Trust me.

    Here's a video of our weekend. Hope you enjoy it and subscribe to future travel explorations!


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