Lisbon, Portugal. I still don’t know whether to love it or accept it. On the one hand it has beautiful views, breathtaking buildings, palm trees and history that crawls through every alley. On the other hand it’s slightly dilapidated with a laxness of “this building is still suitable for living so why renew it?”
    I believe Lisbon could be prettier and alluring than it is now. Although I scan through all my pictures with a sense of satisfaction of all the wonderful things I’ve seen.

    Casa do Alentejo was a good welcome present. As soon as you set foot in this building the crowded world behind you disappears and you wander through dusty and squeaking rooms where everything has been left in place. There is a restaurant on the first floor, but I advise you not to dine here! I’ve received an undercooked meal which might have caused my food poisoning the next day.
    Mosteiro dos Jerónimos is a beautiful monastery dating back to 1502. If you plan on visiting it, you should go in the morning to avoid long waiting lines.
    Jardim Botanico Tropical. If you are done with all the tourists, honking horns and screaming shops, Jardim Botanico (next to Mosteiro dos Jerónimo) is the perfect place to get swallowed by tropical nature and relaxation. This garden also serves as a perfect lunch spot.
    Botica do cafè. For the typical, delicious breakfast. Popular by locals (Cash only).

    Just like every big city, Lisbon has it’s famous spots to visit. The view from Castelo de São Jorge, Torre de Belem and the district of Bairro Alto. But if you have some time off and you want to escape these spots the bus or tram is a wonderful way of transportion. It’s very cheap! (unlike the TukTuk) and for just a couple of euro’s you’ll go from one district to the other, discovering pretty hidden places.

    This might come as a surprise but I’m not a holiday-shopper. I choose culture and wandering over new clothes. But I did find some good shopping locations.
    The main shopping center of Lisbon is the Baixa district, here’ll you find shops like Mango and Zara and other global shops. But if you want something different Embaixada is the place for you. Down the Praça do Príncipe Real street, young and upcoming designers sell their new designs through concept stores. This place has less tourists and more locals.

    For pictures check out www.eveoaks.com

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    • Seomara P Seomara P : Lisbon, sweet Lisbon!! How much I love that city! <3 I really hope you had a great time in there!
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