63kg vs 63kg. What is body composition?

    63kg vs. 63kg ???

    But this is a different type of #transformationtuesday . This is one to show the scale doesn’t matter!! Because on both these photos, 5 years apart, I weigh the same!! But I definitely don’t look the same.

    And of course a tan, the lighting and a pose can make a hell of a difference too!

    But what I’m getting at is, that body composition is waaaaaaay more important than what the scale says, especially when weight training!

    1. What is body composition?

    The scale will tell you how much you weigh, but not what your body is made of. Body composition refers to everything in your body, split up into to fat mass and fat free mass. 

    2. How to change your body composition for a more athletic look? 

    ~ decrease body fat, increase muscle. (There is about a 10% body fat difference between these 2 photos ?)
    My favorite way, high intensity cardio eg. sprints combined with heavy lifting.

     ~ through good, healthy, balanced nutrition. 

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