Appreciation and Giving Thanks

    Hey ladies, 

    Just wanted to stop by and say Thank you for all that you do! Thank you to Fashion Potluck for briinging all these wonderful and creative women together. 

    This platform and many others have paved the way for women to be able to express themselves and find their niche in writing about what they care about. I have found alot of inspiration from being apart of this group the last couple months. It has motivated me to expand my horizons and create even greater things. 

    Women by nature are nurturing and are always supporting each other even in a world where predominately men are in Power. We as women must assert ourselves and stick together while boosting one another to get to her highest potential. This holiday season as it approaches, I celebrate the blessing I have in my life and appreciate the days to come fully. Although we have some uncertainty in what is to come, I try to put my focus on what I have rather than what I dont have. Here is my list:These last few weeks, I am thinking of ways to enrich my life and others and my writing seems to my best outlook. I want to tell everyone about a project I am working on that is very dear to my heart. If you are familiar with my blog MMMoffamilyentertainment, I talk a lot about my family, my youngest son is on the Autism Spectrum and was diagnosed at 3 years old. He is now turning 20 on the Nov 17th and I am just so proud of him for attending Cullinary School. 

    As a mom and an entrepreneur, I am always thinking of ways to help others financially, so I came up with an ideal to start a T-shirt line called DRIVEN.  This shop will help my son pay for college after he is done. For some reason, it has been so hard to find scholarships for people with disabilities. I am so excited about this and hope that you will like our line when it lauches...coming soon. 

    If any of you ladies have a business you would love support with, or book links you want to share for my Blogger Bookstore coming 2021, let me know... I would love to purchase items...I love Christmas!!🎄

    Thank you ladies again for being you and stay exactly who you are always!! Thank you Fashion Potluck again for creating this wonderful network❤

    • Julia M Julia M :

      What a wonderful post! Thank you for sharing it. And, indeed, very grateful for having such a wonderful community.  

      3 years ago 
    • Caroline B Caroline B :

      Love this post LaFrieda! Fashion Potluck is such a great platform for all of the reasons you just listed. What a great way to celebrate all you have to be thankful for! 

      3 years ago 
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