Hello September - Journal Entry 2020

    I cannot believe that August has come and gone, yesterday!

    It really went that fast for me; but happily, August was very good to me. (I have a smile on my face by the way)

    There were many happy highlights to mention so let's get going with that.

    Toronto finally opened its doors to everyone who wanted to be amongst the living and that would be me!

    I dined, went to a movie, went out shopping, tried on clothes, ate ice-cream and sat in parks, jumped on the subway, stayed at a hotel, went antiquing, stayed at a cottage, went kayaking; and had a marvellous time!

    Yes, yes I did.

    I finally felt free to do so and finally had a bit of my life back. Of course, proceeded with caution; I'm not totally crazy!

    Seriously, going back to normal was what I needed to feel better. Being cooped up inside hiding and socially distancing for so long and hibernating in the house for so long took such a toll mentally, I was just going insane in my head. I needed to go back to what it was before COVID hit. I needed this. I'm sure I'm not alone.

    I still wear my mask, I still use hand sanitizers every second I lay my eyes on them and whenever I see a crowd of people, I can't help but get anxiety and I instinctively and gradually move away from them.

    So it has come to this, that even though I want to be around people and see people, I just don't want to be too close to them.

    This will be the norm, isn't it? This makes me sad. Gone are the days when friends show love and affection through human touch, with a hug and a kiss. Nowadays, you're very leery of that and only your close circle can be allowed to do that without fear of catching anything.

    September is month 7.

    Month 7, looks and sounds crazy. Unbelievable still, where we are in this world of  COVID.

    What will September bring?

    Nothing but goodies, please and thank you...


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