Home Office Color and Design Ideas to Make You Feel Motivated

Home Office Color and Design Ideas to Make You Feel Motivated

    With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us found ourselves working from home. As we all know, remote working can be challenging if you’re not used to it, mostly because our living spaces don’t really translate to productive workspaces most of the time. Even if you have been working from home prior to the pandemic, you may still find yourself occasionally browsing around and looking for inspiring ideas that will help you make the most of your home office space. Ideally, this place will be motivating enough to get your creative juices flowing yet productive enough to make you want to get down to business.

    Because the word “motivating” means different things to different people, we’ve rounded up four home office color and design ideas that can help you feel more motivated and maximize productivity and efficiency.

    Think chic with dark paint colors and minimalist, clean design

    To be honest, dark and moody paint colors can feel a bit daunting to work with since they are very bold. But if you’ve always been attracted to dark color paint and don’t want to use it for, say, your living room or some other area with high traffic, your home office could be a great place where you can commit to a bolder hue.

    Darker shades such as warm navy blue can look very elegant and chic, especially when accompanied by surrounding elements that are minimalist and clean in design. Such elements along with pops of color here and there will make a darker room feel more balanced, helping you create an atmosphere that’s meditative and productive.

    Create a versatile backdrop with a neutral color scheme and colorful accents

    The best and most productive workspaces are the ones that appear calm and free from distractions. Neutrals such as beige and gray can be a great tool to achieve this feel since they have a calming effect. They also provide a versatile backdrop for all the other elements, so you can easily add character through colorful accents.

    Rolling out a couple of gorgeous and comfortable rugs can be a great way to bring personality in your home office. A cozy rug will infuse the space with a homely feel and give your home office texture. The same goes for other homely accents such as curtains, throw pillows, and furniture. Since you’re working with a neutral color scheme, it’s best to keep these accents in bold, vibrant hues. Neutrals give you a wide range of options, so feel free to go for accent colors and design style that make you feel your most motivated, productive self.

    Keep it simple with plain white walls and add luscious greenery for dimension

    Another great way to make your home office more inspiring and productive is to design it in a way that will help you stay connected with the great outdoors. A warm off-white hue is ideal since it reflects the light coming in, which ultimately impacts your concentration and productivity. White is also clean, simple, and visually non-distracting.

    Still, you don’t want your office space to look too plain, so be sure to add a couple of lively, vibrant accents in the form of plants. Incorporating houseplants can be a great way to freshen up a design, and they’ll also positively affect your indoor air quality. It’s a win-win all around!     

    Go for an eclectic feel with contrasting vibrant hues and a mix of old and new

    If your ideal home office space is more on the eclectic side, you may not find white, cream, and dark blue offices so appealing. Don’t fret! The best thing about a home office is that you can make it look the way that makes you the happiest and most productive, so feel free to use multiple vibrant contrasting hues.

    Paint the walls in a cheerful blue hue or go for a harmonious green. Then, rely on vibrant hues such as red or yellow to add extra pops of color while keeping the rest of the space fairly neutral (think white, black, and neutral wood colors) so that the space doesn’t look overwhelming. For a more eclectic feel, incorporate elements that are a mix of old and new. For instance, you can pair a beautiful table from an antique store and a new contemporary chair. When it comes to eclectic home office spaces, anything goes!

    Wrapping up

    An exciting color palette combined with thoughtful design aren’t only great for refreshing a home office, but they can also work wonders when it comes to maximizing workspace productivity. Use the tips above as inspiration for your home office makeover, and you’ll be well on your way to designing a work environment that’ll make you want to work all day.


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      Sophia, I loved the dark blue wall! It is something different, therefore exciting and motivating! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!  

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      In today's design trend, vector graphics is very popular. Its injecting energy into every design concept. Just like a wrestling mask in the ring, design becomes a powerful statement, blending strength and style seamlessly. You can embrace the visual dynamism, where each vector stroke tells a story, motivating and inspiring in every pixel.

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