How to get out of a creativity slump!

     ?? 5 tips by yours truly. 

    Being a creative person and being in the “content creation” industry is quite a tough job. As I explained to a friend this morning, everything we do gets sucked out of our thumbs, meaning the ideas, how to articulate it to make it truly unique, and how to successfully deliver it in the best way.

    Yes we get some inspiration from other people but the rest all comes from OUR minds. 

    Now can we just all agree...... that’s this stream of creativity does not just floooooow everyday. Some days are harder than others. 

    But here are my tips to get “focused” again:

    1. Pull yourself together - get up early, sleeping in makes you lazy. Drink some coffee, put on your favorite outfit, make your favorite breakfast, make sure you feel YOUR best, and ready to tackle the day. 

    2. Get inspired - my favorite way, and something I’ve really been neglecting, is listing to motivational/informational podcasts while I get ready. 

    3. Get productive - make a to do list, mind maps if you need to. Start from the top and work your way down. 

    4. Limit distractions - put your phone away and close all unnecessary tabs on your laptop. Scrolling Instagram to get you “inspired” will just waste your time to actually get some stuff done. 

    5. Clear your mind - I think the biggest thing I needed this week was a mental break, so going to the gym, doing yoga at home, walking the dog and watching the sunset, kept me sane. 

    Now I hope I can put this weird week behind me, what ever it was, where the moon was sitting, the weather, a mid year slump, a mini life crisis or just a light form of mental/creative burn out. ?

    Taking a little step back and putting stuff into perspective definitely helped a lot. 

    And I hope these tips help you too ✌?

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