My Hope for 2022

    Hi everyone!

    I wasn’t too sure how I wanted to mark the start of the New Year. 

    I’m not into the thoughts of a review of the year gone by as it presented many personal challenges, and I don’t believe in resolutions - I always think they are too fleeting and prefer to work on goals throughout the year - but I am not here to be a negative Nancy either. We all know we have had enough of that. 

    Instead, I think I will share my hopes for 2022 as we ring in the new year. 

    Truth be told, my only wish for the year ahead is good health, for better memories to be made and like the majority of us, I will be praying/shouting out to the universe/any higher power that may be, that the pandemic will start to cease. Any hint of normality would be welcome. 

    These are things I want to focus on more. I want to prioritise my health, physical and mental health, so that it is the best it can be. I also plan on zoning in on the positive influences around me, I was shown a lot of support through difficult times in 2021, and it really proved to me who those positive influences are in my life. It is too easy to get caught up in negativity, but not any more because it is draining, and not the kind of energy we need for 2022. 

    While we may have had difficulties in the past two years, I believe we were also shown what really matters in life and as long as we are healthy, happy, or at least content in life, that is all that matters. 

    I hope for good health, and better times in 2022, for myself, my family, friends and YOU reading this. I think it’s the least we deserve. 

    If you feel like sharing what you are hoping to get from 2022, comment below. I would love to know ❤️

    Until next time,

    Denise. X

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