Best of Kelly Kapoor from The Office that we all relate to!

Best of Kelly Kapoor from The Office that we all relate to!

    While The Office wrapped over seven years ago, its one-liners and quotable quotes will live on forever. The critically-acclaimed NBC series was beloved by many, thanks to its eccentric characters but also Kelly Kapoor, with her attention-seeking ways, was one of the funniest characters on The Office, even if she wasn’t one of the main characters.  

    1. Me too Kelly! Me too.! or I think I do..  

    2. I am so thankful for Zoom Recordings of classes right now.  

    3. If looks don't kill.. I am pretty sure Smack Talk will!   

    4. The diet no one asked for...   

    5. More like Covid's Resolution  

    6. When going through a breakup   

    7. Teenagers going through the phase.  

    8. Asking Ryan how he tuned you out! BRB.   

    9. If only she became the Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin.  

    10. Hmm! Advise from Kelly? Not a good Idea.  

    11. My Advise- Pick up the call and say 'Text Me'.  

    12. What kind of game is this?  

     13. I feel ya!  

    14. Me everyday!  

    14. When Netflix announced that The office won't be available from January 2021.  

    I hope you enjoyed these quotes from the one and only Kelly Kapoor from The Office. Let me know which quote I missed and which one is your favorite in the comments below.   

    • Mari Mari :

      I love #13 :D haha. And #12 was so sweet. 

      3 years ago 
    • Valerie N Valerie N :

      Haha I love The Office and Kelly! Thanks for sharing these quotes.

      3 years ago 
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