Weekly Spiritual Guidance 18/10/2020 to 25/10/2020

    Good Morning all I hope your all doing well. 

    How the weeks go by so fast I'm here again ready to give you your weekly spiritual guidance. 

    A transition of slow and steady progress I feel is happening at the moment for a lot of you , including myself . 

    Laying old ghost's rest from the past and moving on. 

    I will start of by saying that my weekly guidance posts are for entertaiment purpose only and my weekly guidance is for all signs and elements take what resonates  and leave the rest. 

    I will carry on with the weekly vision message.

    Weekly Vision Message

    I find myself in an apartment in New York city it has big glass arched windows. 

    Plenty of light coming in, I find myself sitting at a desk with a cup of hot coffee by myside also present are my laptop and my phone.

    I can hear the hustle and bustle of the street below, the sun is shining through the windows letting in beams of light. 

    But in this sense of ease I feel waves of anxiousness like I'm waiting for communication, I'm waiting for a message , email or a call from someone ,I keep picking up my phone and refreshing my emails. 

    Each time I do I feel more and more anxious . 

    Then it hit me !!!!!

    I'm sitting there wasting my precious time waiting for something that may never come..

    With this vision I feel there is a lot of you that are seeking answers , waiting for communication but what you don't see is the bigger picture whist your waiting you're life is on hold but time is ticking by, we have all been subjected to this kind of situation  it maybe be from a romantic situation or  other aspects of your life. 

    But the message here is life goes on communication can't be forced , anything that is forced isn't worth having always remember that life must go on and it will. 

    Straight onto you're tarot guidance now

    1st Card 


    The Nine of Wands is in the upright it might be a sign to proceed with caution because there is every possibility of being hurt, either physically or mentally. 

    Defensiveness is natural if you have been hurt, but the trick is not to be bitter. 

    You now need to be more watchful.

     As you have been through travails, you have become stronger as well. 

    Strength and stamina are other aspects of the Nine of Wands. 

    As a fighter, you need to be tough and have the inner stamina to persist, come what may. This is the spirit of this card. 

    The Nine of Wands wants you to keep going despite all odds.

     Do not give up, whatever the opposition. You have within you the strength to overcome. And yes, you could get hurt.

     You may have gone through rough times and gotten hurt, but you are still not defeated! Another quality of this card is resilience. 

    Despite setbacks, you persist. You need to keep on going, irrespective of everything.

    2nd Card 

    When the Seven of Wands is upright , you could be involved in a conflict. 

    Some conflicts may be worth fighting, but others are just trouble. 

    You need to check if it is worth fighting, if it will serve your purpose. 

    Only then do you need to defend your position by being bold and aggressive. This card asks you to take a stand, an act that will change the energy flow for better or for worse. 

    Most of the time events carry everyone forward along with the flow. 

    At times, people want to resist and change the course of the flow entirely. When taking a stand, you start an energy of resistance. 

    If you become aggressive, your opponent becomes defiant. 

    But before you take a stand, you must believe in yourself and in your position. Otherwise, let the conflict go. 

    Fight only if it is worth fighting, even if you've already invested time and energy in it.

     If your cause is just, stand by your convictions as indicated by the Seven of Wands.


    3rd Card 


    When the Ten of Pentacles is upright it means you will find material success. 

    This card exudes an aura of wealth and prosperity.

     It's an indication that your latest ventures will bring you affluence. 

    It's also an indication that you should stick to convention. 

    This is the time to maintain the status quo. 

    It is not the time to rock the boat. 

    Avoid changes of any kind, and stick to trusted ways of doing things.

    4th Card 

    When the Fool card is upright  it symbolizes new beginnings, new adventures, new opportunities, unlimited possibilities, pleasure, passion, thoughtlessness, and rashness.

     The warning associated with this card could be that you need to stop daydreaming, and you should watch where you are going or you could fall and seem like a fool.

    If you're single, a fun, wild, lively romance might be right around the corner. 

    If you're in a relationship, it means you're so stoked about this love of yours that you are kind of freaking out over it, but not in a bad way! 

    Embrace it.

    5th Card

    When the Moon card is upright  it symbolizes deception, trickery, disillusionment, error, anxiety, danger, and double-dealing.

     The card means you may be going through a time of emotional or mental trials.

     Also pay attention to your dreams: What are they trying to tell you?

    Your subconscious is actively trying to get in touch. 

    The Moon card in love  is one of insecurity. 

    If you're single, try to keep your wits about you with your new love interest to make sure everything is on the up and up.

     If you're in a relationship, it might be time to examine if this is exactly what you want. 

    Maybe you look like the perfect couple on the outside, but there's another story behind closed doors.

    6th Card 

    With  the Seven of Swords it means you or someone connected to you wants to be a "lone wolf." 

    A lone wolf is someone who runs alone and free, acting totally on his own. 

    This is a card that indicates separation from others. 

    You may feel you're most effective when you act alone. 

    You wish to ignore the fumbling efforts of the ineffectual group and assert your independence. 

    This style of working in isolation is only effective for some people because most of us need to have a commitment from others to be productive. 

    The Seven of Swords card can also signify running away from commitments or responsibilities.

     There is a need to face what needs to be faced head-on. One just can't wish problems away.

     Procrastination doesn't work. 

    There is a need to deal with the problems.

    Bottom of the deck

    When the Sun card is reversed  it indicates unhappiness, doubt, cancelled plans, or an uncertain future. 

    Maybe you've been overconfident and are just now realizing how you've overstepped yourself. 

    You know the sun is there, but it's just out of sight, hidden behind unhappy clouds.

     It can be difficult to see the path forward without its light to guide you. 

    You may feel lonely or think that your friends are all hanging out without you. 

    You will have to put a little more energy into it, but the benefits of the upright version of this card can be yours as well. 

    You just need to push through a few more obstacles first.

    I hope you enjoyed your weekly guidance post please feel free to comment below if you have any questions or extra clarity.

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    Sending Love to you all

    Stacie xx

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    • Mari Mari :

      Thank you for this weekly spiritual guidance. It has been very insightful     

      I love the Fool. I think it's my favorite Tarot card of all, but it's so hard to choose as I love each one of them. What is your favorite Tarot card? x

      3 years ago 
      • Stacie L Stacie L :

        Hello I'm glad to hear you enjoyed my blog my favourite tarot card is the ace of cups ❤️

        3 years ago 
    • Epsita M Epsita M :

      Thank you for this spiritual guidance post, Stacie. And knowing about the tarot card guidance was interesting.

      3 years ago 
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