What we actually eat in Singapore?

    Easy meal preparations thanks to technology

    When you think of Singapore, a popular dish that comes to mind may be chicken rice or Nasi Lemak. Hawker food is the most affordable and popular here but do you know that as Singaporeans, we do not eat hawker food daily? Many hawkers are closed after 10 pm and in some areas these places are not open at weekends. Additionally, with most of us working from home, delivery apps are our go-to method to feed ourselves. 

    Recently, I reviewed many delicious dishes from different food delivery places. I figured I shall round them up in one post so that you're able to see the variety of delivery food that we often eat in Singapore. Presenting, a lazy day filled with food delivered to your doorsteps.

    Have a healthy and hearty breakfast with Acai Bowls

    Acai Bowls are high in anti-oxidants, help to lower cholesterol levels and increase brain function. They are a great way to start the day or as a snack. The Acai Lab bowls are made with a special purple blend. This purple blend is made with Acai berries, purple superfoods, banana and vegan milk. These bowls are perfect for those that are vegan or on a keto-diet.

    The Acai Bowls comes in 5 flavours, Tropical Acai, Fruity Delight, Signature Acai, Berry Berries and Nutty Nature. They are refreshing and tickles your taste buds.

    Get Pizza for a Savoury Lunch

    Now that you have a healthy breakfast, time to ruin your diet with comfort food. I'm going for pizza and the typical side dishes like chicken wings, cheese sticks and Ebi prawns. Do you know that comfort food can help you improve your mood and decrease loneliness?

    Pizza Delivery Singapore has various scrumptious pizzas from beef Salami pizza to seafood pizza. They are perfect for those that prefer savoury dishes.

    Get some tropical fruits for a midday snatch

    Singapore is a tropical country so we have the luxury to try out various tropical Fruits . Like every Asian family, fruits are considered a treat for us so this is a mid-day treat.

    I was sick of apples, pears and melons so I got yellow dragon fruit, custard apple and Dinosaur grenade. They had a unique taste to them. My favourite was the custard apple for it smelled and tasted like sweet corn.

    I also got Japan Pomelo juice to try. To me, these fancy juice in a bottle was something I always wondered about but never get until now! The Pomelo juice was mainly sweet but slightly bitter. It was very concentrated and thick. A tip if you get this juice is, if you want the juice to last longer you can mix it with water. 

    Handmade Lasagna and Mac & Cheese for dinner

    I love lasagna. It's like layers and layers of never-ending spaghettis. If you think about it, lasagna is technically pasta cake. Layers of tomato sauce, pasta sheets, cheese and minced meat. There are mainly two different lasagna sauce but I preferred the red one for I never really had the white sauce before. A little tip from me, after 5 hours of attempting to make homemade lasagna with hand-rolled dough, it's easier to purchase it. 

    Thanks to companies like Shepherd's Pie's Singapore, we're able to get homemade lasagna with a dash of Mac and cheese .

    Oh, I have yet to talk about the Mac 'n' Cheese! Mac & cheese is such an easy comfort food when it comes in a pre-made box. However, making it from scratch is another story. To combat the cheesy and slightly sweet taste of the dish, bacon was added. The Smokey flavour from the bacon and crunchy texture makes this dish a spectacular dish to have for dinner.

    Tasty, Gooey Burnt Cheesecake for supper

    Lastly, we're going to have Burnt Cheesecake for supper. This cheesecake have been trending in Singapore recently. I think the fact that a cheesecake that is supposed to stay in the fridge getting burned and tasting good blows people's mind so it has been everywhere. 

    This signature burnt cheesecake is glazed with caramel and filled with thick layers of cheesecakes. It is 1.5kg, big enough to feed 10 people. There are various other cakes to choose from if you're not fond of cheesecake. 

    Bonus: Sushi for the salmon lover

    If you love salmon like me, Sushi would be your go-to food all the time. I go to a sushi place every month or even twice a month and I will always get raw salmon, seared salmon, chawanmushi and anything with fish roes on it. I like ordering from this Sushi delivery place for they always pack an abundance of ingredients in their maki. Additionally, I love how they are insanely generous with the sauce. The smoky and creamy taste makes my taste buds dance and craves for more. 

    Delivery food can be convenient but expensive if  you order them daily. However, with great deals and coupons online, ordering delivery can be light on your pocket. Additionally, there are various cashback platforms for you to sign up so you can get some money back from your orders. In order to live a lazy life, you have to be hardworking in this aspect.

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