5 Chic, Fresh Ways to Style Your Little Black Dress, in 2 1/2 Minutes

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5 Chic, Fresh Ways to Style Your Little Black Dress, in 2 1/2 Minutes

    The Little Black Dress (or LBD) has evolved into one of fashion’s MVP’s, basics, must-haves, clichés, favorites and classics. And back again.

    What is interesting about the LBD is that, throughout its history, it has never actually fallen out of style*.

    Often-worn and, for some occasions, ubiquitous?


    But old and dated?


    *The LBD as a wardrobe staple is timeless. Still, cuts, patterns, fabrics and styles change in time. So, be sure to re-evaluate your perfect Little Black Dress periodically, to see if it needs a more modern upgrade.

    Now, even the best items in our wardrobe can do with a little refresh in terms of styling. More so if they’ve been in heavy rotation, and especially if you’ve been wearing them in a few clear, classic combos.

    Which is why Today I wanted to share 5 chic, fresh ways to style your little black dress. I hope they inspire you to reach for your LBD even more often!

    With leather pants

    I you have a little black dress you’ve worn to death, and want to breathe some new life into it, why not try slipping a pair of leather pants underneath?

    Here, I added a slim-fit pair, to keep the silhouette clean and simple, and completed the look with a plaid shirt, for an extra grungy, rock’n’roll element to the look.

    I finished the outfit with black leather boots embellished with pearls- which I also slipped a couple of in my hair.

    All black look

    The key to taking an all black look from looking dull and uninspired to looking fashionably chic is making sure it has different textures to it.

    For example, here I paired my little matte black dress with a rugged leather jacket, lacy black stockings, a felt hat and suede boots.

    The variation in textures and extra elements keeps the outfit visually interesting, while the monochrome palette keeps it cohesive.

    With a white blazer

    For an elegant outfit that requires zero effort, there really is nothing like throwing a white blazer over your little black dress.

    I usually would opt for either a waist-length blazer, or one that covers the entire length of the dress.

    However, in this particular case, I noticed that by buttoning the blazer, not only is my waist highlighted, but thanks to the cut of the dress, its lines flow seamlessly from underneath the blazer.

    A great reminder to always play around with your outfits!

    Over a sweater

    A great way to get more mileage out of your winter sweaters in spring is by throwing a dress over them.

    A little black dress with a simple cut on top and no extra embellishments, like this one, can take a busier sweater underneath: enter, this leopard print number!

    Because all the action is happening on top, I kept the tights and heels matte black. But, I did add an interesting, snake-print purse in a brown shade that reflects the sweater.

    Under a skirt

    Last but not least, keep the matte black tights and heels, and swap out the sweater for a skirt, to create another interesting look with your little black dress!

    Again, as the look was quite clean and muted, I could opt for a full, floral skirt to bring some oomph to it.

    I completed the ensemble with a bold lip, winged eyeliner and statement colourful earrings for an extra dramatic flair, that still veers very feminine.

    Did you like my 5 styling ideas for a fresh and new outlook on the little black dress?

    Let me know in the comments which one was your favorite!

    If you’re looking to update a few favorite pieces in your own wardrobe (or even have a complete, in-depth personal style upgrade) I’d love to chat to you about how we could make this happen together!

    Drop me a DM on Instagram, and tell me a bit about yourself- I might have just what you need to help you gain the confidence and clarity you want for yourself, and your style.

    • Epsita M Epsita M :

      Love these ideas of styling the LBD, Silvia <3 You look lovely in all the styles

      2 years ago 
      • Silvia C Silvia C :

        Thank you kindly, Epsi! Even though it took me so long to see this message    

        2 years ago 
    • Iuliana R Iuliana R :

      love the looks, you look gorgeous as always in all  

      2 years ago 
      • Silvia C Silvia C :

        Thank you, hun!    One month late, but much appreciated, nonetheless

        2 years ago 
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