5 Simple and Creative Ways to Find Your Aesthetic Style Personality

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5 Simple and Creative Ways to Find Your Aesthetic Style Personality

    Discovering my personal style was an exciting process for me. From discovering to defining what my style personality is, has helped me to find my voice that I share with the world now! Finding my aesthetic styles brought me so much joy, that I can never express in words. But you must be wondering how did I do it? 

    By letting go all the unrealistic expectations and fantasies about who I would like to be, and by focusing on the reality of what I would actually wear every day. By finding the joy in the styles that were new and unique, sometimes by adapting to the existing ones but tweaking them little bit, and also by spending time researching on the fittings, designs, colors, patterns, and styles that looked good on me.

    Clothing is one of the best ways to feel confident effortlessly. I've had always been a keen observer, and I like to learn from others. Sometimes I try to "copy" my favorite inluencers, and follow them, and their style on social media for the inspiration; and at other times, I create my own styles. Styles that reflect me, my attitude, my confidence, and my personality; because your outfits and your attitude can speak a lot about you, without having you say even a single word. Therefore, I curate my style statements very carefully and mindfully. I want the world to respect me, remember me, to feel great about me, and to feel inspired by seeing me and my "creative creations," - by looking at the way I dress up and show up. 

    If you are still feeling frustrated or confused to understand what style is best for you; I'm going to walk you through the process by sharing my ideas on how to revamp your wardrobe, and how to find your perfect new aesthetic styles in clothes, accessories, and makeup, without breaking the bank :)

                                                             Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash 

    Remember your style and wardrobe can make you feel confident and powerful. I've learened this in my journey of self-love and self-discovery. If you really wish to start somewhere to bring a change that could reflect the 'best of you', start with making aesthetic style choices for your wardrobe. Get involved in finding the best pieces of outfits that would make you excited to wear them always. 

    Style is more than what you wear; especially your personal style that speaks you, your attitude, and your personal story that you get to share with the world. For me, "finding my style was the voice of freedom." I was able to be more experimental and open with my style.  

    Every woman possess complete control over one thing, "her style, and her choice of clothes." I know there are so many other women who define their style/choice of clothes by criticizing and judging others. But feeling confident about how I decide to carry myself out in the world has given me the couarge to walk past such petty negative comments. As long as I'm feeling great, elgant, chic, and very comfortable in my outfits, I really don't care what others think about me.



    "Style transcends the clothing you put on." Would you agree?

    Creating your own outfit by mixing two or more different styles together is such an aesthetic approach in defining your personal style statement. Finding your aesthetic style personality in simple creative ways may sound unrealistic to you; but I'm going to share the secrets of how I was able to find my aesthetic style, right her in this post. So I hope you continue reading further to know the ideas/tips from my personal experience.

    1. Start by Idenitfying the strengths and most likable parts of your body like; long slim legs, great and attractive -looking neck, pretty perfect- looking waistline, beautiful jawline, pretty shoulders and back; in short- your upper body above the waistline, or your lower body below the waistline, etc,. Focus on dressing up for those favorite body parts. For example; my favorite type of pants would be bell bottom pants/jeans, and wide-legged pants over leggings, because I get to flaunt my long legs. 

    2. Divide your current wardrobe between : like, don't like, and love it. Taking a thorough tour, or simply spending time to look through your closet carefully and mindfully will help you sort itmes/outfits that were part of your old-style. By sorting through everything you have, you will be able to decide what items are going to make it back to your wardrobe that will compliment your desired new aesthetic style, and what will go to the donation. 

    3. Start identifying or making a wish-list of the outfits that will refelect your desired style aesthetic. Slowly start incorporating them into your wardrobe. Try to mix and match different pieces together to bring the style you adore and feel great about, or you love seeing it on yourself. This is my favorite way to create my signature styleYou can decide if you want to completely change your current wardrobe [definitely slowly keeping your spending at bay], or you can go for expanding your current wardrobe by adding favorite aesthetic pieces together. 

    4. Follow your favorite fashion bloggers, and fashion icons on social media to stay inspired about the styles you would love to incorporate. Also take cues from movies, as well as from real life people who create aesthetic style statements for themselves, and stick to the regime- no matter where they go! See what they are wearing and how. And if you like something, save the look to create one for yourself. You can take ideas from their exact outfit, or can try it diffrently. But the fun part is "creating" it for yourself. 

    5. Keep a set of chic, casual, and elegant pieces of jewelry, accessories, shoes, and bags for an instant lift to your look. As most of you already know that a perfect piece of jewelry or a perfect pair of shoes can elevate an outfit immediately.

                                                                Photo By Gabrielle Henderson on Unsplash 

    I've realized this through my observations, while identifying my style needs, while creating my style statements, and while finding what's "perfect" for me;  and therefore I'm going to share few of my new favorite aethetic style statements that I've created lately. I hope you find them inspiring to take cues for creating your style aethetic, that's just meant for you, your body, and your attitude.

    Main Image Credit:  Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash 




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