Top 9 Looks of 2019

    I've had some time in early 2020 to reflect on my favorite looks and photographs from the past year. I thought I’d share some of my favorite looks from this past year! In chronological order, here’s my top 9!

    1. Winter Warrior
    All the way back in January, this dramatic winter look was a favorite of mine to start the year with. This cape top makes layering more witchy in any season!

    2. Gold and Olive
    Jumping to April, I loved my outfit the day I shot for Joseph & Stacey. It was the perfect mix of olive neutrals, and pieces that felt very “me!” This purse has become a staple since this shoot, and I am absolutely in love with this jacket. It was about time we all got excited to not be freezing anymore, with the grass becoming green!

    3. The Darkness
    One of my Instagram’s favorite photos and my favorite look from Black Milk’s “Pic a Day May” challenge, this slick look made me feel like a super villain. An all black theme is never one I struggle with, and this double-BM combo with a matching wire corset (once my friend Erika’s) really did the trick.

    4. Sheer Layers
    Back on a cool summer day, I introduced my friend Erika to the beauty of a local abandoned factory, conveniently situated between our houses. This remains one of my favorite local places to shoot, and a favorite look of mine. I wrote about how fun non-practical outfits can be - while I may have never worn this exact combo out in public again, it broke down some barriers for me. I started to understand sheer layers and be able to use them after collaborating with Femme Luxe on this look! (Thanks to Erika for shooting this look!)

    5. Dressed Up at the Lake
    I fell in love with this dress after wearing it to a family event in August. I just felt absolutely bombshell in it! While it may not be the most exciting outfit on this list, it probably made me feel the best out of all of them. (Thanks to my husband Max for shooting this look!)

    6. Autumn Drama
    This combo simply felt so “me.” I had a really rough start to October, breaking my camera falling like an idiot on a muddy hike. Thankfully, I was able to rally in time to save my season, and shoot one of the most productive and beautiful autumns we’ve had yet! When I wore this legging + split sweater combo with a dramatic coat, I was beginning to feel like myself again.

    7. Winter Light
    The time has come! By November, I had my first Staci Snider pieces in my wardrobe. This local designer’s pieces and photography caught my eye some years ago, and now I have a little part of it all to myself! This very unusual and contemporary skirt has become a comfortable and chic staple in my closet. Here, I paired it with something more traditional in style to create an unusual combo, and one of my favorite winter looks.

    8. Winter LBD
    By the end of November, I owned a second color of the dress that made me feel so bomb in August. The fact I wanted to include it twice on here should say something! But this combo was a real favorite of mine after struggling to make this dress look more casual. With some cute accessories and this absurd jacket, I think I made it a little more casual and super fun! (Thanks to Erika for shooting this look!)

    9. Utility Jacket
    Closing out December with a patched jacket and layered black and white look feels right. As I discussed in this blog entry, I’ve tried a lot of trends this year, and ending with the extremely-present-everywhere utility jacket (and liking it), feels like a great end to 2019. It makes me feel excited for my outfit possibilities next year, and a little like my style in 2020 is more unpredictable. And I like that. I think my wardrobe needs some unpredictability.

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