It was a great year. You probably got so much done despite the fact that you forgot your new year’s resolutions. Time flies by, right? 

    You managed to do that work project you were struggling with, to spend more quality time with your loved ones, to catch that Monday night yoga class and finish that book he gave you for your birthday (last year). Or at least you tried to, that counts as well.

    But did you get enough sleep? 

    If you managed to do all of the above probably not. 

    Its ok, we got our trusted magic potions to make us look like we got eight glorious hours of sleep, but make sure that you will finally prioritize that actual hours of sleep as well before it’s too late.

    Let me tell you about the night cream -a.k.a magic potion- I have been using the past couple of months to make sure my skin gets all the help it needs during those restoring night hours.


    It’s a soft glossy white balm that smells like my mother. Oh wait, she also uses Vichy creams, so maybe that’s the obvious reason why, nonetheless it has a very calming, old school scent, rich and luxurious but not disturbing in any way, like most Vichy products.

    Formulated with pure caffeine to improve microcirculation and counteract signs of fatigue, as a pure caffeine addict I was already sold at this point.

    It also contains hyaluronic acid to hydrate and plump the skin while you sleep.

    And for all of these to work and be able to get deep into your skin this cream is packed with micro-exfoliating LHA to stimulate renewal and reduce the appearance of surface pigmentation. It’s paraben free and it contains Vitamin B3 + Apricot Kernel Oil to help fight pigmentation and reinforce skin's natural protective barrier.

    What it does is simulating the effects of a good night’s sleep, remember those? 

    And it does the trick, every time. It improves the skins texture so that you will wake up with smooth soft skin, hydrated and supple. The most important thing for me was that it actually managed to improve the elasticity of my skin and I could still feel the product on my face the next morning, like an invisible protective film. As a devoted coffee addict who has no plans of changing her ways with her cups of Joe, I often get dehydrated and I need all the extra help. 

    It glides on smoothly and since it’s not a heavy formula it doesn’t cause breakouts. If you are worried about expression lines (which are kind of cute by the way) this will help smooth them out and if you are consistent and apply it every night you will see the first results within the first couple of weeks. Overall it’s a great value for money and I love that Vichy does not test any of its products or ingredients on animals which would ultimately make me lose my sleep.


    Even if you are lazy with your skincare, using a night cream is the one thing you can’t afford to skip as the skin naturally rejuvenates overnight and it’s the perfect time to boost that renewal with a cream that will enhance the process.

    To me it’s now a ritual. I don’t think about it, I just do it by default. Once you get into the habit it will become part of your nightly routine and it will even help you unwind and get into a relaxing mode before going to bed. 

    And since good habits are formed early on make sure you apply your night cream the proper way to get the most out of it.


    • Remove your make up thoroughly
    • Use a cleansing foam or a gentle exfoliating product to remove dead cells.
    • Use an applicator. Some products come with a little spatula to help you scoop the product out. It’s not only practical but also very hygienic as you are always at risk of bacterial contamination when you dip your fingers into a jar of face cream. Always keep a clean mini spatula next to your cream.
    • Get a dime-sized amount of the product and dub onto your face. Follow an upward circular direction to stimulate blood flow and massage the cream into your face until completely absorbed.


    If you are using a toner apply that with a cotton pad before you night cream.

    If you are using a beauty oil (please do, they are amazing) apply that either on top of your cream or blend a couple of drops into the amount of cream you will use each night.

    Don’t forget about your neck! That’s a very important one! Your skin will love the extra attention!

    Finish by applying gentle pressure to the hollow of the collarbones to eliminate tension.

    Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep retails at 35$. 

    Take a look at the night cream range by Vichy here

    Bonne nuit,


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    • Mary R Mary R : Hi Chelf! Would you reccomend this product for someone with oily skin?
      4 years ago 
    • Chelf D Chelf D : Hi Mary! I would! I have noticed no residue whatsoever. It leaves an invisible film with a great staying power but no greasy residue. My skin is normal, keep that in mind, but I think it would work great for oily skin as well :) I hope that helps!
      4 years ago 
    • Avishek B Avishek B : Ideal product in today's stressful life. I will dwfinitely suggest this to my wife and try myself. The review is wxtremwly detailed and helpful.
      4 years ago 
      • Chelf D Chelf D : I'm glad you enjoyed the review! Definitely a unisex product, we are all sleep deprived and could benefit from a good face cream :) I hope you both give it a go and report back to us! Hugs.
        4 years ago 
    • Alexandra B Alexandra B : I’m currently using their Mineral 89 - I definitely would love to try this especially now that winter is here and My skin deserve a plump up 💖🌸 love the photos,so pretty
      4 years ago 
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