Onion Oil: Your Gateway to Long, Luscious Hair | Tried and Tested

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Onion Oil: Your Gateway to Long, Luscious Hair | Tried and Tested

    Are you suffering from hair loss? Is your hair falling out faster than it's growing? Do you want that luscious, dreamy mane? Are you tired of trying out tens of hair products? I have the perfect solution for you! Onion Oil!

    I have always had very healthy hair so it never really occurred to me that I should use a lot of expensive product. My hair routine has always been simple, a clean shampoo with as low chemicals as can be, any hair oil once or twice a month, and a rich hair mask for when I need a little pick me up. But when I moved to a different country, my hair didn't like the new water! My hair started falling out. It had never happened to me before, so I was clueless on where I go about it. 

    At first, I thought we are supposed to lose 100 strands of hair everyday so its normal, but every day it got harder and harder to deny the fact that I was losing more hair than I should. Then I started to really go at it, trying everything I could find on the internet. I put eggs in my hair (That was a nightmare! The smell takes forever to go away), biotin pills, multivitamins, all the different kinds of hair oils, before wash hair masks, after wash hair masks, you name it! But what worked the best is Onion Oil.

    What’s the best way to go about when you are losing a lot of hair? Do something to get a lot more hair to grow. For which Onion Oil is the best. Onion Oil is the magic potion for hair growth. Onion Oil maintains pH of your hair scalp, which can stop your hair from turning grey before its time. Onion Oil has loads of nutrients that help in nourishing your scalp, and most of all Onion oil is very rich in Sulphur which prevents thinning of hair, breakage of hair and those annoying split ends.

    If you want to grow your hair and get that Rapunzel look, there is no better treatment than Onion oil. Onion Oil is proven to improve blood circulation in scalp as well as providing great nutrition, which results in strong and thick hair. Stronger hair also encourages faster growth. The Sulphur in Onion oil improves the quality of hair follicles. Onion Oil not only helps with hair growth, but it also prevents hair fall. Onion Oil has a lot of antioxidants that boosts some of the enzymes that work and help in preventing hair fall. 


    How to Use Onion Oil:

    The easiest way is just buying an Onion Oil bottle and massage it into your hair 30-60 mins before washing your hair. You can also warm the oil before applying for a relaxing effect. Here are some of my trusted Onion Oils that I have used and has worked wonders for me.


       1)    Mamaearth Onion Hair Oil with Onion Oil & Redensyl

    Buy Now: $14.70 (Amazon)

    Buy Now: $11.47 (Distacart)

     2) WOW Skin Science Onion Black Seed Hair Oil with Almond, Caster, Jojoba, Olive & Coconut Oils

    Buy Now: $16.90 (Amazon)

    Buy Now: $14.95 (WOW Store)

    Other than these, you can also use pure Onion Oil with any carrier oil of your choice, I prefer Amla Oil, Almond Oil or Olive Oil. Applying Onion oil regularly will give your hair a natural shine while keeping them healthy. Onion Oil works like a conditioner to your hair which helps in controlling the frizz and keep the dryness away.

    Other way to use it is applying onion juice directly to your hair. Extract the juice of an onion and apply the juice to your hair 20 mins before washing. I suggest you apply the juice in oiled hair using any kind of hair oil for best results, but if you don’t have the time to do both the things applying only the juice works too. It fights with bacterial infections and dandruff. It can also treat baldness. If you have any bald spots, apply and massage onion oil or juice into your scalp for 20-25 mins. Wash your hair thoroughly after and make sure to get rid of onion’s smell. It’s not very hard to get rid of and definitely worth the effort. 


    So forget about those expensive hair products and the extensive diets to get the hair of your dreams, try Onion Oil instead. I promise it works! 


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