Tea Tree oil : For all things skin and hair

Product details: Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree oil : For all things skin and hair

    Tea Tree oil: Uses, benefits, Dos & Don'ts | 5 Things you need to know

    I have always had dry skin, no matter how much moisturizer I put on at the end of the day I see my skin flaking off of my face. And when you throw acne into the mix Nightmare! I tried anything and everything, but nothing seemed to work. And then finally I gave up and listened to my mom, I started using tea tree oil. This is what happened,

    My acne disappeared!

    In the first few days I whined and whined about how it is not working at all but one day I woke up to clear skin. It felt unreal! It had been so long since I saw my face so clear. Also see, Maracuja Oil for acne.

    Here's what you can do to make your acne disappear too

    1)    Dab a tiny amount of tea tree oil on your acne or spots directly on a clean, moisturized face every night and wash it off in the morning with some warm water.

    2)    Mix a few drops of tea tree oil with your daily moisturizer everyday

    Tea tree oil also helps with inflammation, tea tree oil will help fighting any redness or itchiness on your skin. It helped me soothe my dry skin. So, after your acne is gone keep using tea tree oil to make sure your skin is clear and glowing and if any acne comes back, tea tree oil will kick them out.

    Tea tree oil isn’t only for dry skin. It can help oily skin too! You can mix a few drops of tea tree oil in your sunscreen to get rid of the oiliness. Or mix tea tree oil with your toner.


    Additionally, Tea tree oil is antifungal and antiviral, so it works as a disinfectant. Got any cuts or new piercings? Go ahead and apply some to speed up the healing.


    Works for hair too!

    Tea tree oil will work wonders for your hair. Have dandruff? 

    1)    Mix few drops of tea tree oil with any carrier hair oil. I use Olive oil or Almond oil, but Coconut oil works too. My favorite is onion oil, it's the best for hair growth.

    2)    Massage the oil into your scalp.

    3)    Keep the oil in for 20-40 mins. Even better if you can keep the oil on overnight.

    4)    Wash thoroughly.

    It’s that easy! It is the most effective way of getting rid of dandruff, and without any chemicals! Tea tree oil gets rid of dandruff by cleaning any chemicals or dead skin flakes on your scalp. Do this hair oil treatment once or twice a week for rapid hair growth, fewer split ends and healthier hair.

    Pro tip: Mix a few drops of tea tree Oil with your shampoo for a squeaky clean wash and natural shine.


    Have cold? Tea Tree oil is here to take care of you

    It’s a magic potion! It can fight cold and relax you like nothing else. Just put some drops in a diffuser and relax. Tea tree oil has calming aroma and air purifying features! Tea tree oil also helps in boosting your immunity, so breath in and out and let the tea tree oil work its magic.


    Choose the right Tea Tree Oil

    To get all these benefits it’s important that you choose the right tea tree oil. There are many variations of the product so make sure that you are buying an organic and natural product. Check the origins of the oil as well as if there are any additives in it. It’s best to use a 100% natural tea tree oil. So go ahead and get the best tea tree oil you can find, it’ll last you months.

    Here is the one that I use for everything,

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    Or this,

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    Never apply it to your face in generous amount, it can burn your skin. Before you start using it be sure to do a spot test first, make sure tea tree oil doesn't irritate your skin. 

    Always be careful with the amount you're using.  A few drops of tea tree oil can go a long way. Do the routines everyday and it'll surely work its magic.

    So go try it and tell me in comments about your experience!




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      I also use Tea Tree Oil from many years and usually I mix with the oil also for my face! I really love the Tea Tree Oil property  

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