EU Summer Holidays ideas

    Did the summer of 2022 take you by surprise and still don’t have a clue of where to go? Then you are in the right place, let me help you with some ideas for a “back to normal” summer trip.

    When it comes to summer vacations, we all hear Greece, Italy, or Spain. Yet we sometimes forget that summer can be extreme in those places, especially in June, July, or even August. When choosing a spot, you also have to keep in mind that heat can be just as bad as extreme cold. 

    Based on the type of traveler, here are my best picks for you:

    City Breaks

    During the hot months, I would choose to go to the northern part of Europe and choose between the Scandinavian countries. 

    Copenhagen is the perfect place to get the combination of beauty, great food, and “hygge”. You can choose to bike through the city and relax in its beautiful parks. 

    If humidity doesn’t bother you, then London can be your spot for the summer. The city has a unique vibe, you can follow the steps of Harry Potter and book a flight to the capital of the UK. 

    Going on an adventure

    If you are not the type to wander in cities and you want to hike on mountain paths then the Dolomites Mountains can be an option. 

    This was also my initial choice for this year, which I had to drop even if I had it planned since I decided to change jobs. My trip was postponed for next year, but this can be your adventure for 2022.

    Romania also has great trailing paths and can be a great adventure if you want to drive through one of the most beautiful roads in Europe, the Transfagarasan. You can also choose to visit the beautiful Hateg county and spend the night in wooden cabins. 

    Relaxation at the beach

    For some (of us), summer is for going to the sea and getting a tan. Smelling the salt and getting the bikinis out are much needed after a long winter. 

    Therefore, I recommend Tenerife, the island of the eternal spring. To me, the  Canary Islands are the best combination you can get, the sea and the ocean, beaches with gold or black sand, food that is taken from heaven, and a volcano that will top the view. 

    When it comes to travel, we all have a type, some might prefer the cold, others the heat, some might choose to go to the mountain, others to the sea. To me, there are no good or bad destinations, only experiences. 

    Where will you travel this summer? 

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    • Inês A Inês A :

      I love unusual recommendations for summer trips, a great way to avoid crowds! Amazing post   

      1 year ago 
    • Julia M Julia M :

      Loved your ideas! I am actually thinking about what to do this summer, as I won't have a place for two months (purposely). Your idea of Dolomites sounds amazing. Do you recommend any specific spots?  

      1 year ago 
      • Iuliana R Iuliana R :

        thanks, Julia! That would be awesome, I recommend renting a car for easy access on the (many) trails. My plan was to go to Tre Cime di Lavaredo Hike and Col Raiser to Seceda Hike. But there are so many options depending on how long it is (3h up to 7h) and if you want to go by foot or bike. 

        I would love to know if you go, next year it's going to be on my list for sure.  

        1 year ago 
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