*SIX STOPS* for your California Road Trip!

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    Hello travel girls!   

    There's never a better time to take a road trip... than RIGHT NOW! 

    CALIFORNIA is our U.S. state of choice for driving.  Why?  Because the West Coast has it all: great food, amazing music, wonderful museums, beaches, and such cool people to meet along the way! 

    In driving direction from south to the north, here are SIX must-stop locations in California for the EXPLORER in you.

    1 - Salton Sea - This desert lake was once a luxurious casino area, but now it's fun to take pictures of the abandoned trailer parks and hunt for neat graffiti!

    2 - Santa Monica - this is Los Angeles' best area for wine... Need we say more?? 

    3 - Monterey - This beach-side community has the BEST aquarium!  You'll learn so much and take selfies with the seals and jellyfish.

    4 - Golden Gate Bridge Vista Point - This is the best place in San Francisco to see the Golden Gate Bridge and do a bit of hiking! 

    5 - Stinson Beach - Just north of SF you'll run into this cozy village.  Here you can dive into an antique shop, immerse yourself in a cup of warm coffee, or try out some surfing along the beach!

    6 - Bodega Bay - This cove is the best for slurping up some fresh oysters or warming up with locally-made clam chowder.  Plus, you have campgrounds, forested areas, sand dunes, and wooden walkways nearby!  So picturesque. 

    Ready for more?  Here are other locations for you to explore: 


    Want to see some California road trip pictures?  Click *HERE*

    HAPPY TRAVELS!  Road trips make the best memories!  





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