Traveling: What to pack for a 14 days trip to Thailand

    Krabi, Phiphi Island, Bangkok

    If you think you need to pack 2 huge suitcases for a trip to Thailand, I can prove you wrong. Let me show you exactly what I packed for this vacation and how I managed to only bring a single carry on item.

    I had 2 internal flights, one from Cluj-Napoca to Bucharest and one from Krabi to Bangkok, it was important to stick to the allowed carry on items. Also, with 3 stops between Bucharest and Krabi, what were the odds of not losing any luggage?cSo I decided I have to fit all of my items in the small case. The cost of washing your clothes is really cheap in Thailand and most hotels are offering this service. Another thing that is really cheap there is the price of clothes so you will spend more money in paying for the suitcase than on buying new stuff!

    Since in Thailand is always very hot, you don’t need to worry about taking any warm clothes, quite the opposite focus on brings hot weather clothing and careful with the fabrics. You don’t what to suffocate while wearing a spandex blouse! So go for 100% cotton t-shirts and pants and bring on the swimwear!

    Before we get to the sand and sea there is still a long flight to go. If you are leaving like I did during winter time, you will need warm clothes, also almost always in the airports the temperature is around 18-20 degrees Celsius, so don’t underestimate the cold and dress accordingly.

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