Hello, 2021! My Anticipations for The Year 2021

Hello, 2021! My Anticipations for The Year 2021

    Wishing you all a great year 2021! Are you going to make it your best year of your life? So, officially we are in 2021 now, but I guess we're still carrying the emotions and sentiments from the year 2020, because we are still living in a pandemic. As soon as I sat down to write down my anticipations for 2021, I pondered over this question [again and again], and went deep down my inner consciousness to look for the answers. This is the question I asked myself, and now I ask you-  "What is the change you are looking forward to bring in your lives in 2021?" My first anticipation for this year is to, 'slow down' and to not rush through everything, that we normally follow to keep up with the old patterns! And to stay creative, and/or to influence others creatively and positively,  I want to go against the nature, and step outside these patterns.  We love patterns. Don't we? So much of our lives are guided by these patterns, and we follow them every day because we feel safe. 

    But this year, I want to try doing things differently, for myself! I want to explore new ways of doing things that I love the most. I don't want to blindly follow what others are doing. I want to choose alternatives, and go against these patterns. 

    "It's much easier, faster, and "safer" to copy what has been done before rather than to struggle for what is possible." ~ David Usher 

    I wish in 2021, I will be able to break these patterns [will start with the smallest first] and change the way I've been doing everything. I will start with tiny actions to physicalize change, in order to create a new perspective of my life.

    Without further delay, let me share my 'power promises', my plans, and my anticipations for the year 2021 

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    6. To Lead with passion, curiosity, and a growth mindset.

    Don't just lead, but lead with passion! Make your life an example of how everyone should embrace their passions, and must create a movement to grow and evolve passionately. This is my most important 'power promise to myself this year. To be more passionate about everything I do! It is because when you project your passion in your work, it makes a world of difference. I've seen so many examples of great leaders who have led their life and have given their heart and soul to their work, or to their dreams. Passion for their work or projects, passion for the company, and for the people involved, passion for humanity are the important qualities of a leader.   

    Be curious like children. As we get older we get alienated from these abilities like; to be curious, to be creative, to use and play our imaginations etc., We are all born with these built-in skills, but we disconnect ourselves from them as we grow up.

    When you lead with a growth mindset, you create reasons to look forward to many more learnings and lessons in your life. You don't feel stalled and demotivated. You make progress, even through your failures, and set an example of a great leader- who decided not to give up!   

     7. To Pause. 

    I've decided to pause quite often this year. To pause from expectations, obligations, and to acknowledge how I'm feeling, to reflect where I'm at present, and where and how far I need to go!

    When we pause to focus on the reality, our heart opens up to heal and to accept things the way they are!

    8. To Set Boundaries and limits.

     Setting boundaries is essential if we want to be healthy- both physically and emotionally! Sticking to healthy boundaries can keep us sane and can protect our self-esteem, can preserve our self-respect, and can help us maintain healthy relationships. 

    I realized this quite later in my life, but now I'm going to stick to this habit and I will make sure I protect my safety and respect.

    9. To Not Rush through everything.

    I will slow down and not rush through doing everything, just to keep up with the fast-moving online world/community. 2020 has helped me to realize that we don't need to rush and publish posts everyday, or to have more followers to be a successful blogger! That is not the way want to achieve success! 

    Maybe we are conditioned to believe that, when we are busy constantly rushing, we are doing more, and therefore we are successful! I agree to disagree with this thought, because the speed isn't as important as the focus, the quantity isn't bigger than the quality.  When we are constantly on a run, instead of going slowly [with what we're doing], we might miss out on life itself!

    "Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished." ~Lao Tzu

    10. Detach From Toxic people and relationships.

    People will always treat you the way you allow them to treat you! It is absolutely okay not to be liked by everyone, but always protect and maintain your self-respect, no matter where you are!

    11. To Unsubscribe from the unnecessary.

    At first from the emails that I don't need anymore, and later from everything else that have started to feel like very overwhelming and crowded over a period of time. 

    12. Mute Myself from the World Quite often.

    I will not be gone completely, but I've decided to take frequent breaks from social media. I wish to see myself spending more time reading books, learning about new tools, doing the research and gathering more knowledge in my interest areas,  writing, and just making the most of my time for myself, and making time for what matters and letting go of what doesn't.  

    The year 2020 made me realize this on a deeper level that, "life is fragile," and we must always make the most of our life rather than taking it for granted! Therefore, I must be mindful of the people, activities, thoughts, plans, and ideas to which I give my time and energy.       

    13. Writing Everyday either in my journal and/or creating articles for my blogs.

    I enjoy writing any day! I love those moments when I get to string the words, the emotions, and the ideas together to create new inspirations. And this year I want to see myself evolving as a much better writer than I was last year. Therefore, writing little bit everyday, and creating articles for my blogs will be my top priority this year. 

    14. Creating Something New every day- Putting my existing ideas to work and creating space for the new ones to enter. 

    As a creative influencer, I wish to see myself creating something "new" each day! I want to challenge myself, my creative mind to create something unique and different every day; be it an art, ideas, styling tips, motivating videos, inspirations, or just educating women to find their creative power, and helping them find their their self-esteem, confidence, and self-respect.  

    Therefore, this year you will see lot of new different posts and videos,  where I will focus on," finding your creative power to face the world with confidence."   

    15. To complete at least half of my future book.

    Well! This is one of those gigantic goals, that I usually never make, or promise myself doing it! But I will break it down and will try to write a page or two to make my dream book become reality! I just found a title, and I'm already so excited to get started with it!  

    16. To create my next eBook.

    In 2020 I created my first very-short eBook, but this year I'm looking forward to creating my second eBook. 

    17. To exercise and meditate regularly.

    Yes! The year 2020 made me realize how important and essential it is to stay healthy and fit! To live a less fearful and more peaceful life, we must be prepared physically and mentally to fight these unfamiliar turbulences of life!  

    18. Focus More On Communicating with family and the loved ones.

    In this challenging COVID-19 time, something that we missed the most was connecting with family and our loved ones. Thanks to the internet and online resources, that made virtual connections possible!  At least we were able to see and communicate with our family and close friends every day.  Their warm care and prayers gave us comfort and hope amidst chaos. 

    I am never going to stop keeping in touch with my family, and with people who are special to me, anymore!

                                    Books I'm Currently Reading - Epsita


    19. To Read at least 10+ books.

    Ever since I started loving books and reading, I have never felt left out and/or unworthy. Reading gives me the courage to stand alone and face this world. Books kept me safe and warm in their pages, when I felt tormented by the world outside. Books gave me the power to think differently about myself, and to feel the power that was within me. I don't feel powerless anymore! 

    I'm confident that I make mistakes. Who doesn't? But I learned so many life wisdoms from the books that says, "if you don't make mistakes, you're not growing, and if you don't risk moving forward to the unknown, you will forever stay where you are! You will not move and therefore you will not grow. Books made me realize, I am not alone in my struggles, and that all human struggle is the foundation for self-compassion and the path to unconditional self- acceptance. 

    So this year, my promise to myself is to read at least 10 books, that I've bought recently and they're sitting in my library.  

    20. To be more peaceful and mindful throughout the day.

    To be more mindful of my mental and emotional health. And the key is accepting the reality, and not running away from it! The faster we can accept our reality, the faster we can move with the flow of life! 

    “The more in harmony you are with the flow of your own existence, the more magical life becomes.” ~Adyashanti

    21. Letting Go Things to enjoy more this year .

    I have decided to let go all "controls" that blocks me from being me unapologetically! I will release the fear, and will walk through it. I will not judge myself or have any kind of self-critical thoughts. I will stop myself from feeling like, I'm lying, or I'm not enough, or I'm "less than" others, rather I will face the world embracing my mistakes and failures. I will keep reminding myself, "I'm growing and I'm evolving as a better and stronger woman each day." I will let go all relationships that do not consider me as important and worthy! I will be more empathetic and kind towards myself instead of expecting from others.

    I hope you find these anticipations helpful, that I made for the year 2021, and I wish you come up with your list of "power promises" to bring changes to your life and lifestyle. These are my 21 microhabits I'm going to include in my life this year, that can help me become the person/woman I want to be! 

    Main Image Credit- Photo by Judit Peter from Pexels

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