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    Hey there!

    I’m changing my usual subject today as I felt the need to express my thoughts on something that every woman would wish to acquire.

    The perspective of this post is not against the freedom of each individual to dress anyhow they like, or anyway they feel beautiful and attractive. This is a post of how, in my humble opinion, I discovered through fashion editorials, personal experience and social observation, a woman can achieve elegance.

    That cliché we all know “Beauty comes from within” is real. So as elegance. How can a girl without a strong personality and a admirable mind could ever be elegant? She might be pretty, yes. But elegant...no! How can a girl who talks in a bad way about other people could ever be elegant? She would have lost all her charm within minutes talking. How could a girl who knows no humbleness and talks so big about herself all the time could ever be elegant? Everybody would laugh behind her back saying “Who does she think she is?”.

                                                                                          Elegance is a state of mind.

    It’s the way you speak, the way you think, the way you move, the way you see the world and the people around you, the way you see yourself and the way you find your place out there. It’s the air around you.

    Elegance is the achievement of a woman who respects herself and knows exactly who she is. No more, no less. Without working on yourself and the woman you want to become, no clothes or makeup can fill the gap between beauty and elegance. If a woman knows exactly who she is, elegance follows in fashion as well. Knowing yourself means knowing your pros and cons.


    I am starting with the most basic factor. Be clean and look clean. This may sound weird, but we often make mistakes that make us look “dirty” in some ways. I am sure you all bathe girls don’t misunderstand me! BUT! Messy buns and generally messy hairstyles don’t work for everybody and not everybody can achieve the perfect messy look. When a messy bun ends up looking like an actual messy bun (like the one you make when your home, suffering from flu, watching Netflix) , better go with a ponytail!

     Also, fancy nail designs with loads of glitter and 3D designs well…you know what I mean! Plus, super long, pointy nails is not the cleanest and most elegant thing that comes in my mind. Keep it clean, keep it natural, keep it elegant. Prefer all-time- classic nail designs; choose the color according to your wardrobe and of course the season and go with your natural nails instead of wearing long, artificial ones. Also when you choose shades of red and black, always (ALWAYS!) have a short length manicure. These colors can seriously create the best and the worst nail art.

    Emphasize on your nice body and face features. Each one of us has some special and beautiful characteristics. But do we realize our real pros and cons? Confidence is a good thing, but self acknowledgement and self esteem are better. And to me, they lead the way to “healthy” confidence. Don’t underestimate, don’t overestimate. That’s my rule.

    Don’t get overdressed! I caught myself many times trying to go more extravagant, but this is, well, another story! Elegance is not about optic noise, visual  impressionism, wearing something crazy. The key ingredient here is simplicity. As Armani wisely said “Elegance is silent ”.  A fresh- looking make up, a simple and carefully picked outfit and a nice piece of jewelry are enough!

    Pay attention on the textures. The quality of the fabric is crucial concerning an elegant style. Cheap- looking fabrics have no place here! This doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune on your outfit, but like it or not, nylon and petroleum based fabrics can look tacky.

    Also, combining different textures can be tricky. If you are not experienced on how to pare leather with velvet or fustian with wool better take some advice from fashion editorials or just go with a safer choice! Also, when you were lurex, paillette, floral prints and generally strong motifs, make sure you keep the rest of your outfit simple!

    Do not use makeup as an instagrammer! Do not get cakey in any possible way! Just keep it simple and classy. Use a lightweight foundation, set it up with a touch of translucent powder, a bit of mascara and a suitable lipstick. For a night makeup you can add some eye-liner but my advice is to create a very thin cat-eye line, just to get a little sexy! Very important: do not overline your lips! This rarely ends up looking elegant.   An Instagram  selfie may look ok but trust me, if someone meets you in person will notice from the very first moment what you’ve done! Follow your natural lip line and I reassure you, you’re gonna look fabulous and chic! Pick a color that flatters your lips, that makes them look kissable and juicy and you’re done!

    Pick your accessories carefully. I believe that elegance and minimalism go side by side. So I recommend fine jewels in silver or rose gold, Daniel Wellington type watches and hoop or drop earings. For a moning outfit a classic leather shopper bag or a stylish backpack can be ideal. As for your night outfits, don’t hesitate to give a bit of an extra glam with a paillette or metallic clutch.

    I think that basic tones and colors like black, white and grey styled up with a touch of glam is the perfect way to approach a winter elegant style!

    To sum up, elegance creates the finest and simplest frame to let your inner beauty shine!

    Till next time,


    Mary J.

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