What's in my bag: Summer Essentials!

    It's summertime and the living is easy!

    Ok, not all the time! Especially if you spend summer in the city, high temperatures, hours outside home, hot sun on your face can make you feel really uncomfortable. So I thought it might be useful to show you my summer bag (not beach bag) that makes my days in the city a bit easier! Let's start!

    1. Face sunscreen (Bioderma Photoderm Max Aquafluid SPF50+ 40ml): I never leave home without wearing my sunscreen and always carry it with me, so I can refresh it. The last two years I use this one, as it's consistency is very light and keeps my skin looking matte. It's also very good as a make up base.

    2. Face mist (M.A.C Prep + Prime Fix + Rose 100ml): I am totally addicted to face mists during summer season  and never forget to grab one for freshness on the go! This summer I chose this beauty which is full of herb extracts and vitamins and keeps my make up from melting down!

    3. Perfume (Hei Poa Sensualite Mythique 100ml): Summer perfumes traditionally last a little less than winter ones, so I always carry mine in my purse to refresh it anytime! My obsession this year comes from Tahiti and smells like tiare, vanilla and orange blossom!

    4. Pocket- size hair brush (Tangle Teezer Salon Elite Blue Blush): This is my life savior! Since I bought this brush I never faced a bunch of hair falling all around! It protects the hair from breaking and can go anywhere!

    5. Hair spray ( L'Oreal Paris Stylista Bun Gel-Spray 200ml) and rubber band: I always get the need to make a quick bun, when it gets too hot outside. For an easy hairdo, I use this gel-spray that keeps my hair in place, while giving them volume, shine and an amazing rose scent!

    6. Body oil (Bio Oil, 60ml): The ultimate necessity! I love this little liquid miracle all time of the year! During summer, I use it to hydrate my skin, hair ends and carry it in my purse to add some glow on my legs (perfect if you're tanned!). 

    7. Power bank (Xiaomi PLM06ZM 2C 20000mAh): I always run out of battery, so I manage to take my power bank with me everytime I leave home! This one can do pretty well with laptops too!

    8. Make up removing tissues (Pom Pon Sensitive Skin): This is the product I use on "I can't take it anymore" situations! During very very hot days, make up can be a real burden to the skin, giving you this heavy, suffocating feeling. So, when I get this feeling I have my quick and easy way to get rid of it!

    9. Lipstick (Dior Rouge, Hypnotic Matte): I love matte lipsticks, even during summer, but I hate this dry sensation most of them leave on the lips. A friend gave this amazing lipstick to me as a birthday present and we are insuperable since then! It's the most soft and hydrating matte lipstick I've ever had! Plus, it lasts up to 16h (but I carry it with me anyway!).

    10. Heliocare Compact Foundation SPF 50 ( travel size): This is an amazing foundation with sun protection that provides a healthy glow to the skin! This packaging makes it super easy to carry anywhere!

     11.  Wallet and sunglasses: Obviously!

    Thank you for reading this loves, hope it gave you some good ideas!


    Mary Jolene

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