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    Cummunication 101 #6

    I’d like to introduce you to someone Ahhhhhhhh-MAZING! Do not be nervous. Awesome person reading my blog, meet THE CLITORIS, referred to as ‘she’ and/or ‘her’ throughout. THE CLITORIS, meet this awesome person reading my blog! Ok, now that formalities are out of the way, we can move on.

    According to Dr. Maria Cohut, the name clitoris is from the Greek word ‘kleitoris’ meaning ‘little hill’ and is related to the Greek word ‘klies’ meaning ‘key’.

    KEY! Read that again. Key to unlocking the meaning of life as we know it. Maybe. Key to unlocking you. Definitely maybe! Key to unlocking the universe…egh, let us start with the first two and build from there, shall we?

    I want you be so familiar with the clitoris that she is not scary or intimidating to talk about, touch, caress, kiss, lick, suck, pet, stroke or anything else you might have a hankering to do with her. I want you to be in awe of the wonderful CLITORIS. So, we start with…

    SOME Facts:

    1. She is approximately 3.5-5 inches long (most is located inside the body)

    2. She is the only organ designed solely for pleasure…yowzers!!!! quite possibly my favorite factoid!

    3. She never stops growing and does not age

    4. She has 8,000 nerve endings… umm that is double what the penis has so women are quite literally, and dare I say quite cliterally, more sensitive than men.

    5. Every baby at conception has the same organs and whether the baby develops a penis or clitoris is determined at ~12 weeks

    6. She is remarkably like a penis

    7. Vulva is the all encompassing term when referring to the vagina, clitoris, and labia

    8. 50-75% of women need clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm

    9. An Italian Professor (male of course) claimed to have officially discovered ‘her’ in 1500…me thinks that actual owners discovered ‘her’ long before that, but, Hey, I could be wrong!

    10. She enlarges at time of ovulation and swells when reaching climax

    11. She is capable of 10-30 second orgasms

    12. She is so much more than the ‘little hill’, ‘little pink button’, ‘man in the boat’ or a bean to be flicked!

    Figure 2. The clitoris labeled; courtesy of helloclue.com

    Not proven facts, but highly debatable tidbits provided for the ‘Gee whiz’ factor:

    – It is believed that the closer she is to your vagina the easier it will be to orgasm and vice versa, I have found no research to date backing this theory.

    – Are orgasms only clitoral? Do vaginal and cervical orgasms even exist? This remains a highly debated and hot topic; we will save this for later!

    – Whether the ‘G’ spot is or is not part of the clitoris is also a highly debated topic, which we will save for later as well.

    Now why do I feel compelled to share these facts and tidbits with you all? Well, at almost 45 years old, most of what I shared with you today, I have only recently learned myself (within the last 7 years or so). I know, right!

    As a self-proclaimed sex enthusiast, someone who loves our married sex life, it all came as a bit of a shock when I learned we as women are not taught enough about our own anatomy!

    I am merely discussing a pleasurable bit of our anatomy here, but there is a whole health side to the female anatomy information that is also not as readily available as information on the male anatomy. Meaning if I did not accidentally stumble upon the information because of personal health issues or seek out the information on my own, I may never have known it at all. What a sad thought.

    With all the societal, religious, and cultural stigma surrounding sexuality, pleasure, orgasm, female anatomy etc. I am willing to bet only a handful of you knew all of this before today.

    I am on a mission to de-stigmatize sex, sexual desire, orgasm, female anatomy etc. I believe the more comfortable you are with yourself, your body, your partner and are able to #cummunicate your likes, dislikes, desires etc. the better your sex life will be! Hence, you will stay together happily, not begrudgingly!

    The more these areas of taboo are de-stigmatized, I know we will continue to learn much more about our beautifully intriguing female anatomy.

    In closing, go ahead and conquer the MOUNTAIN that presents itself to the world as a ‘little hill’! C-U next time.


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