8 Self-Care Tips for International Women’s Day

8 Self-Care Tips for International Women’s Day

    International Women’s Day is a great opportunity to indulge yourself with the necessary care you need! Check these 8 Self-Care tips to get inspiration on how to celebrate this great day! 

    Self-Care tips for the Morning:

    1.     Start your day with some good notes and a dance 

    Listening to Beyoncé as soon as you wake up indeed makes you feel great, and the benefits music has on your body have also been scientifically proven! Whether you prefer starting your day with Ed Sheeran or Coldplay is totally up to you, but what I totally recommend is fully relaxing your body and dancing to the rhythm of the beats. If you start your day with a good dance, it will definitely keep you positive throughout the day, and will give you a great boost of confidence! 

    2.     Move your body!

    Mindfulness will really help you relax, clear your thoughts, and focus on the present moment. Starting the day in the right way is crucial to reduce stress so try to incorporate this practice on a daily basis! Read more about mindfulness here!

    Although mindfulness has gained a lot of popularity, you should keep in mind that every person has a unique method of relaxing, and if a good run will be more helpful to you, just go for it! Find inspiration from Carla’s Fitness Routine, and check her profile to learn more about different ways of staying fit!  

    3.     Have a self-date 

    Get up early in the morning and walk to your favorite café. Order your favorite coffee, and finally start reading that book you are so interested in, but never have time for. Women at Fashion Potluck have a great taste, so check the book recommendations they have made here. Other books I totally recommend for the 8th of March are:

    Bad Girls Throughout History, by Ann Schen ( $14.00 on Bol.com)

    Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World, by Kate Pankhurts ( $9.00 on Bol.com) 

    #Girlboss, by Sophia Amoruso ($23.00 on Book Depository) 

    All these books are quick and easy to read and will equip you with the necessary knowledge about strong women worldwide!

    4.     Get a manicure 

    Use this day to visit your favorite beauty salon, have a nice chat with your cosmetologist, and meet other women! Beauty salons are the perfect place to forget about all your troubles, have a good laugh, hear all the latest gossips, and really experience a great atmosphere! For International Women’s Day, I encourage you to be bold and go for a bright red color for your nails,  so check some of the best red shades here. If, however, you’re more into natural shades, check this article with the hottest nail trends or this Peel-Off Nail Lacquer Guide!

    Self-Care tips for the Afternoon:

    5.     Watch a movie

    Combining leisure activities while learning something new is an activity I would recommend to everyone! You will have time to relax and rest, but you will still feel productive! 

    I believe that as a woman, it is very important to know why the 8th of March is the International Women Day, what is the history behind it, and how and where it is celebrated. Actually, many thought-provoking documentaries were made about women and their inspiring stories. Some of my favorite ones are: 

    She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry (2014)

    The documentary offers insights into the American Feminist Movement in the 1960s, covering topics of feminism, race, and female sexuality. It is available on Netflix, and even though it might not be a cheerful documentary, it really will help you understand the long struggle and fight women had to go through to come where they are today. 

    The Life and Times of Frida Kahlo (2015)

    Featuring Salma Hayek, this documentary portrays the life and work of Frida Kahlo, which we all admire so much! You can find the documentary here:


     It is quite long (more than 2 hours), but it is totally worth it!

    Furthermore, you can read more about the history of International Women’s Day here! 

    6.     Go out with your girlfriends 

    On this day, we cherish and empower each other, so forget about your boyfriend, crush, or fiancée, and text your girlfriends or female family, and have a great night filled with self-love! There is nothing so empowering as a group of women who support and take care of each other, so use this night to express your gratitude, and invite them for a nice dinner, or maybe, some delicious cocktails! If you decide to stick to the cozy atmosphere of your flat, check this Delicious Winter Cocktail Recipes Guide! Today, you can eat loads of sweets,  and serving this 3-Step Dark Chocolate Mousse Recipe with Cherries will surely get you the title of the best host! 

    7.     Get a long bath

    If you prefer using this day to relax as much as you can, a warm, long bath is the best option! Make sure to add carrier oils as these are great for your skin and hair, and they also enhance relaxation. Read more about the benefits of carrier oils and also consider purchasing Maracuja Oil, as it will fully help you recover and relax! 

    8.     Don’t forget how amazing you are!

    Out of all the self-care tips, this is probably the one which seems the most obvious, but the one we practice the least. Read about Women International Day and all the achievements women have done in history, and ask yourself: would they have achieved all of this if they did not believe in themselves? Probably not!

    Read these Empowerment Quotes for Strong Women and remember: you truly are amazing!




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